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michael redford

"I am happiest and at my most content while acting"

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Born and raised in Connecticut, the gravitational pull to join the rest of my family on the West Coast proved too strong, and so my adulthood has been spent here in Southern California.  Co-mingling with friends and family in the advertising and entertainment business I eventually caught the proverbial bug, and the rest is - as they say - history.  I've studied under amazing teachers at The Actors Lab, The Groundlings, and Anthony Meindl's Actor Workshop to name a few, and wouldn't trade the variety of experiences for the world.  I am definitely of the credo that acting is a muscle that must continually be exercised, and to that end I am constantly seeking the best and brightest instruction.


After getting a few commercials under my belt (Saturn, Remicade, SPC Wireless, Aamco, Champion Mortgage), I began to focus on television, booking small parts on American Dreams, Crossing Jordan, Nip/Tuck, Dirt, and most recently Unusual Suspects.  The most "interesting" TV role?  Perhaps as myself on a few episodes of Keeping Up with the Kardashians (it was interesting to say the least!). Foraging into the field of new media, I landed one of my favorite online roles as the lead in a series called Moonshine on the viewer-interactive site (winner of the first Emmy awarded in the category of New Media), followed by a recurring role in the discussion/educational cultural series In The Moment, and a recurring role on Amazon Prime's multi-Emmy Award winning series The Bay.  And as far as the big screen goes, in addition to many small parts here and there, I recently finished portraying the historical figure Henry Reeve in the upcoming Cuban film El Mayor - an epic war film about their fight for independence from Spain in the 1870s.  I played one of three leads in a wonderful film that is very dear to my heart The Surface, garnering a lot of great reviews.  And I've been confirmed in a lead role in the upcoming project Blood Wolf (currently in pre-production).  I am constantly looking for meaningful projects that will help me grow as a professional and as a person.




Agents: MSA

Brandon Sierra & Megan Hunt



Manager: Stevenson Talent Management

Joy Stevenson


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